Zöld Pakli

Zöld Pakli

3 690 Ft

An interactive communication tool in English, perfect for multilingual groups and language learners.

Game pieces:

  • 65 Quest Cards, including Conversation, Association, Never Have I Ever, Pro-Contra, Time For Challenge, Cheer You Up and Original Quest Cards
  • 15 Challenge Cards
  • 1 Rule Book


Metamorf Zöld Pakli is a conversation-game designed for multilingual groups that would like to get to know each other in a fun, thought-provoking way.

Thanks to the optional rule alterations, the game is not only perfect for team building. It can also be a part of language courses – level B2 and above – and used as an efficient and easy-to-use learning tool.

Debate, speech and presentation skills can be improved with the help of various interactive tasks. While enjoying the game, players will also get familiar with typical C1 language examination topics.

The number of players can vary between 3 and 15. Players younger than 13 are advised to participate with the assistance of a teacher or adults. To play the game at ease, players’ level of English should be at least B2.

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